La mia sfortunata storia con GoDaddy

Le pagine del mio sito, nelle versioni italiane e inglesi, contengono molte applet Java di Matematica e Fisica sviluppate, talora con molto lavoro, nel corso di molti anni.

Per un utente di Internet lanciare una applet java può essere pericoloso, quindi giustamente il plugin della Oracle, attuale proprietaria del software Java, chiede il suo assenso prima di avviarne l'esecuzione.

Ma l'ultimo aggiornamento del plugin (Java Plug-in contiene un avvertimento: in futuro, le applet non certificate non saranno eseguite.

Per non essere costretto a impoverire o a cestinare del tutto molte delle mie pagine, cerco qualcuno che fornisca la possibilità di ottenere queste certificazioni. Cerco in rete e mi sembra che GoDaddy faccia al caso mio.

Mi collego a questo sito, chiedo la certificazione e pago 351.34 € per due anni.

Aspetto qualche giorno ma non ho alcun cenno di risposta a questa mia lauta donazione.

Comincia allora la sequente serie di mie email e risposte di GoDaddy.


I have sent a request of a certificate in order to sign may java applets.

After 3 days I see that my request is still pending.

What does mean that? Haw long must I wait before I can sign my applets?


Roberto Bigoni



Dear Certificate Customer,

Thank you for your recent SSL request. We would like to complete your request as soon as possible, however we cannot do so without your help.

We require documentation that gives your proof of right to do business.

The following documents are the only acceptable proof of a company's right to do business in Italy:

A Certificate of Registration for Value Added Tax showing the EU VAT number associated with your business.

A registration document through

Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.


Lindsay H.


But there is a problem: I am not a businessman and I do not sell anything.

I am a teacher and I need a certificate so that I could sign the Java applets I have made and inserted in my web pages that anybody can freely see, because Oracle writes that the further releases of its plugin will not work with unsigned applets.

I can give you my italian tax code ("codice fiscale"). It is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Since I have paid for two years, I hope that my request is accepted.


Roberto Bigoni



Dear Secure Certificate Customer,

A secure certificate request has been received for roberto bigoni.

The Registration Authority (RA) has been unable to confirm that the organization is legally registered with a government authority.

The organization name listed as the legal company name in the request is: roberto bigoni

The company name must be an exact match to the way your business is registered including any corporate identifiers or abbreviations that may be included in your company name such as Incorporation, Inc., LLC, Limited, Corp., P.C., etc.

If your legal company name is different than roberto bigoni, you will need to cancel the pending request and resubmit your application with a company name that is an exact match to the way your business is registered.

In order to enable us to resume processing your certificate request with the exact company name you previously submitted, please upload, fax or e-mail the appropriate proof-of-right document to match the exact company name as you submitted in your request.

The only acceptable proof-of-right document types are:

    Business license
    Sales & Use Tax certificate (number alone is not acceptable-FEIN is not acceptable)
    "Doing Business As" documentation
    Fictitious Name documentation
    Occupational Tax Certificate/License
    Non-profit Organization Tax Exemption Certificate
    Charter documentation
    Partnership Agreement documentation
    Articles of Incorporation

To submit the necessary documentation, please log in to your SSL account and click on your pending certificate request in question, then upload the document(s).

A Registration Authority (RA) associate will review the document(s)when uploaded.

Alternatively, you may fax or e-mail the documentation.

Note: Submit copies of original documents only.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, our Customer Support department is ready to help, around-the-clock, seven days a week.


It seems to me that no one reads what I write and that the answers to my questions are automatically generated by a computer program.

I'm not a businessman and I do not need to certify a business.

I am a teacher who has to certify the reliability of its software applications.

I attache to this communication a copy of my employment contract with an Italian school.

I ask whether you can fulfill my needs.

If you cannot, I think that you owe me back the money I sent to you so that I can turn to another agency that can give me what I need.

The code of my bank account is as follows xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Roberto Bigoni



Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your reply.

Please note that we did not receive the requested information from our previous response.

As was stated, we are unable to locate your organization through the website below.

Please reply with instructions to locate your organization through this website, or your VAT number.

As I value your feedback regarding my service, please take a moment to complete the short survey linked at the bottom of this email.


Daniel P.

Online Support Team


You are unable to locate my organization simply because my organization does not exist.

I said you that I have not a business, but that I am a teacher who needs to sign his applets.

But, as I understand it, you are not able to meet my request. So I will kindly ask you to give me back the money paid.


Roberto Bigoni



Dear Certificate Customer,

Thank you for your response however, it seems that your message did not come through properly.

As was stated, we are unable to locate your organization through the website below.

Please reply with instructions to locate your organization through this website, or your VAT number.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Michelle M.

Online Support Team


Please, give back my money

Roberto Bigoni



Dear Certificate Customer,

Thanks for getting back to us, however, your text did not come through in your reply.

If you still need assistance or were trying to provide additional information regarding your issue please reply back to this message.

When sending screen shots of errors, please ensure your image is in a highly compatible format such as .jpg, .bmp, or .png.

When sending text please ensure your document is either in a .txt or .eml file.

Please also ensure that you are adding the information as an attachment and not in the body of your email.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.


Nathan R.

Online Support Team


I repeat: you are unable to do what I need. So, please give me back my money.


Roberto Bigoni

A questo punto mi è sembrato chiaro che questo tipo di corrispondenza avrebbe potuto continuare all'infinito con l'unico risultato di essere preso in giro all'infinito.

Per me GoDaddy ha significato GiveDaddy. Dovendo fare una donazione, avrei preferito farla a Wikipedia.

Ma così va il mondo e, a quanto pare, gli USA non sono molto meglio dell'Italia.


Mi sono sbagliato. Sembra che la storia continui.


Dear Roberto Bigoni,

We sincerely apologize for the confusion.

Your response somehow was buried in the text of all the previous responses, but we were able to finally locate it.

We don't know what caused this, but wanted to let you know why it seemed we werent getting your response as it was not inline such as when a response normally comes back to us.

Since we are not able to approve your request and you would like a refund we will be happy to process your request.

Normally you would need to first cancel the item, but I have done this for you and processed a request to save you the trouble.

Please allow 5-7 business days to see the funds applied to the associated payment method.

If you do not see your refund within 7 business days you will want to contact the financial institution linked to the original payment method for further assistance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

As I value your feedback regarding my service, please take a moment to complete the short survey linked at the bottom of this email.


Nathan R.

Online Support Team

Chiedo scusa allo staff di GoDaddy per il mio forse frettoloso giudizio, ma ovviamente rimango in attesa speranzosa di una conclusione positiva.